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CABERGEN-0.5 -Cabergolin

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Sex drug could aid male stamina
Prolactin inhibition: Whenever a progestin based compound is used (trenbolone and nandrolone decanoate), prolactin levels will rise. Using Cabergoline to bring down prolactin levels will keep prolactin based gynecomastia away and also keep libido strong.
amount to use
Usually, adults should take this oral twice weekly(3 days once) before bedtime.
• Start with a single dose of 0.25 mg and increase maintenance dose (0.25-0.75 mg per standard dose) by 0.25 mg each time at least at 2 weeks or more while observing clinical symptoms .
It increases and decreases according to age and symptoms as appropriate, but the upper limit of each dose is 1.0 mg.

Product Details

CABGO-SURE 0.50 (Cabergoline) is a drug that suppresses the secretion of prolactin by stimulating the endocrine system dopamine receptor and is mainly a galactorrhea disease, hyperprolactinemic ovulation disorder, hyperprolactinemic pituitary adenoma (need surgical treatment It is used only when it is not, and it is used to improve symptoms of prolactin hypersecretion including puerperal lactation secretion.

Cabergoline, an active ingredient of 0.5 mg coversulin, is a dopamine receptor stimulant that acts directly on the dopamine D2 receptor in the anterior pituitary and controls prolactin secretion.
It is said that blood prolactin level falls within the normal range in about 3 months after oral administration by this action.

In addition, cabergoline acts on the dopamine D2 receptor in the nigrostriatal body for the central nervous system, so it is also approved as a treatment for Parkinson ‘s disease in Japan. .

It is known that prolactin is a hormone secreted to men and has the effect of rapidly losing sexual desire after ejaculation orgasm, and it is known that sexual impulses are reduced by increasing prolactin level.
There is a report that cabergoline which is the active ingredient of CABGO-SURE 0.50 (Cabergoline) has the effect that male sexual excitement is increased by markedly lowering prolactin and there is also a function that can obtain stronger ejaculation.
The drug could enhance men’s sexual pleasure
Scientists believe they are close to developing a pill to boost male stamina, which could become as popular as Viagra.
The drug, used to treat Parkinson’s disease, has been found to raise a man’s chances of sustaining multiple orgasms during sex.
In trials, the drug Cabergolin was prescribed to minimise the effects of the hormone prolactine, which is produced by men at the point of orgasm.
The hormone has the effect of reducing a man’s desire for more sex by preventing new erections.
Normally, the 60 test people, all healthy males, between the ages of 22 and 31, needed a break of 19 minutes between love making.
However, after taking Cabergolin, they were able to have several orgasms within a few minutes.
Medical psychologist Manfred Schedlowski, who was involved in the trials at Essen in Germany, said the drug raised the libido to enable the male to orgasm again more quickly.
He said: “We saw that prolactine rises after orgasm and then thought maybe prolactine is a negative feedback system.
“Subjects who took this drug had decreased prolactine levels, and reported their orgasm was better and there was a shorter refractory period.
New developments
“We interviewed these subjects and found they were able to have multiple orgasms in very rapid succession.
“This is sitting very nicely with our hypothesis that orgasms and sexual drive are steered by prolactine and dopamine in the brain.”
Cabergolin has been on the market in Germany for several months and is used to treat Parkinson’s disease and prevent women producing milk when they want to stop breast feeding.
The drug had no side effects on men during the tests, according to an article to be published in the International Journal of Impotence Research.
The researchers now plan to carry out trials to investigate whether Cabergolin will have the same effect on women.
The market for drugs like Viagra has swelled and is thought to be worth about 1bn.
It is thought Cabergolin could have similar potential.
A new drug for impotency was unveiled in Hong Kong yesterday.
The medicated cream, branded “Befar”, promises a safer and quicker treatment for impotence than Viagra.